Chinese Mafia Video Door Phone

What about talk to me? In T city, video phone feel ever and pass spellers a, many people kill yamaguchi group, between the enemies have already. I was come and thank a gentleman to talk about cooperation things. Watanabe said the peace. Cooperation? Video phone almost laugh, feel asked. I yamaguchi group can have any cooperation with you? Mr. Watanabe said. Northeast chaos situation now, we yakuza can help thank a gentleman to deal with twenty-four, pacify, want to thank a gentleman to allow us to mount the mouth set of activities in the northeast of China, and do some business. Ha! Video phone laugh, feel. No yakuza help, we feel bell intercom would help also can solve the 24, Of course! Watanabe nods. I absolutely believe that Mr. Xiao and your gang's strength, with 24 help, may be easy, but if at the same time to 24 help reduce behind that club, I'm afraid that is not so easy. Chapter one hundred and twenty-one 24 help behind society? Is green help to beat DL?

Video phone secretly feel shook his head, sing mea now and in the north and south Hong door on two fronts, if it comes back to you and feel bell intercom can play, equal to three sides, unless the hand fey are mad, or you won't do such a crazy choice. He laughed and said. Mr. Watanabe, I don't think what you said may be true! Why is that? Watanabe, puzzled. Video phone feel asks. Do you know the 24 help on gang who is behind? Watanabe, positive color way. According to our information, the yamaguchi-gumi should door bells be green. Video phone feel heart one earthquake, landau a well informed of the news! Although yakuza is Japan's biggest clubs, they knew all about the Chinese Mafia happened, visible their influence on the degree of penetration has reached quite terrible in China. He nodded and said. That's right! Is green! But, you know that green help now and who fight? Watanabe, a smile. Hong door! South Hong door and north Hong door! There's plenty know too. Video phone feel smiling. Have two fronts in anyway, is also actively open up the third front? Mr. Watanabe said. Mr. Xiao is the soul of north Hong door is also a link between north and south Hong door, green help to beat Hong door, must first clear thank a gentleman to you. Thank a gentleman to have bell feel intercom will act as a foundation, power, so, want to hit that thanks a gentleman to, will have to take first bell feel will lay their hands on video intercom phone feel laughed.

Han fey is really think so, but drew itself has no longer be able to open up a new front, so just out of the twenty-four help alliance, want to shake my foundations as a condition, unfortunately, he failed! Watanabe mirth. As far as I know, hand fey is a crazy man, an intelligent and crazy people, is the most terrible, because he'll do anything, but also doorphone.

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