East Columbia The Door Bell

What about the fight against the East Turkistan, that sacrifice is also part of the people acceptable. Put down the phone, video door bell secretly shook Bong head. He on his back gave a long sigh, faint to himself Road. Cooperate with the government and seek with Tiger, no difference. Reason why he agreed to do business with the East Turkistan, and just want to be a pretext, so that they can safely attack the Green Gang. Now, under the guise When finished, but it is difficult to give up. However, this hot potato to make good use of, might be able to really help them earn their own no small benefit. The next day, morning. First give three to fight, the video door bell go to the telephone, let him to to Contact Black Belt, watching to not they are able to got to the weapons in the East Turkistan on the list of. The three Upon hearing this, the quite puzzled, asked. East Brother, so many weapons you want to do? Video Door Bell laughed. Sold to East Turkistan.

Hearing three, the chin almost fall exclaimed. East Brother, you even the East Turkistan are Contact to on the? Is them to take the initiative to come to to rope my. Video door bell Road. Brother, you contact the Black Belt they have no credit, in addition to how to price. Good, East Brother! Three Road. I'll contact them. Separated by only twenty minutes, three call back will have to play over. East Brother, I have and deputy main fact of the Black Belt Vladimir by telephone, he said, the East Brother needs of these weapons, just a piece of cake for them, even if the East Brother wants to aircraft, and even nuclear warheads, they also can get the hand video door bell could not help but laugh, his candidacy, and the forces of the Black Belt, is not impossible in Russia, came up with nuclear warheads. He said, shaking his head. I do not have the appetite, East door phones Turkistan there will not be. Then he paused for a moment, then asked. Price how? Total price of about five million dollars, if the weapon is made of old-fashioned, the price can be lower, about two million. Two million dollars? Video door Bell also acted as calculated, said. Just two tanks, some artillery, and rockets, not worth that much money.

Told black belt, cut the price in half, I will only give them a million dollars to me, as to choose what type of weapons, so that they can figure it! Yes, it is! East Brother! The three promised soon, and then asked some concerns. East Columbia, the price is a small thing, how much can be discussed with our relationship and Black Belt However, the transport would be a problem, as such a huge weapon is difficult to pass the border line. Video Door Bell smiled and said. This point do not worry, I will personally go to solve. Ha, there is the East Brother personally, it would be a good solution. East Columbia, such transactions do not forget to bring me. Well! Side of the Black Belt a positive response, a lot of Video Door Bell's emboldened enough. In the afternoon, he was on the phone. Adil Received Video Door Bell's call, Adil looked very happy tone in his excitement. He asked. Tse, you should give me the good news, right? Sorry! video door bell dull Road. It seems, the I can only let disappoint you. Adil face changed, and frowned. Mr. Xie What do you mean? Video door bell tract and. I will not sell you weapons. Asked Adil anxious. Why? Give me a reason. Video door bell Road. Selling weapons to you, you used to sabotage, killing people, such as the bin after you run video door entry.


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