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Door bell wholesale are good on the face, well, I am sure, the dragon has always been deep love you, too. In that case, the two of you in spirit will have incest. I can put it this way. You and master great anger, he has maintained is that, however, when he looked at the phone feel eyes, say a sentence refute. Yes, myself and two dragons love each other, already derailed in spirit. What is not incest? Phone feel, I understand your kindness. Spiritually, however, is after all a spirit. At the very least, we each other's body also is clean and pure. Phone feel smiled and said. You admit your mental incest. And, I believe that you also have to be such a mess.

Since you have incest in spirit. So, why can't you mentally combining? Don't need a name, only need each other. You can do a mental couple! Master paused, phone feel, I don't know what you mean. In the way of phone feel didn't good the spirit. You are so smart, have what not understand. What I mean is very simple. In combination with each other, you can video door phone still be husband and wife. Just call on the same. According to you now, as long as you don't have physical relations, that is not called incest. You can sincerely mood, check on the gift, so, you only in the spiritual love, each other to keep a pure body, who can say what gossip? Sorry, update the late of today. This two days was really exhausted, so I wrote last night at two o 'clock at night to write this chapter. Just to wonderful places, bell feel intercom to write seriously.

Please forgive me. Sugar little princess is very healthy, very can eat, and like her mother, ha ha, thank you again for the blessing and support are book lovers. If you think these chapters is wonderful, will trouble you put TuiJianPiao and commutation ticket to bell feel intercom. thank you Chapter eighty-nine bell feel soul (4 Master of listening to the phone, feel a burst of echocardiography, mumbling way. How do the number later, the doorbell is more and more, and than a earth. Continue like this, I'm afraid they will be able to withstand the. So master to feel bell put the goal of the doorbell away quickly. Bell feel just glanced video door intercom.

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