Door Expansion Of The Bell

Door bell intercom are small and medium-sized gang. And, in With so-called leader support, make they gobble up action becomes reasonable and fair. Not out half of the time, 24 gang power is improved greatly, its a son Have more than doubled.. in northeast China, the morale, like the rainbow above the text east will faint The trend. At that time, those who had agreed to set up the northeast brothers union bosses began to regret, everyone Since the crisis, afraid to 24 gang sword which day cut into his neck. In contrast, text east will open become a shelter for several days, almost all the 24 gang ran away Eldest brother to find text east will complain, hope to end the current chaotic situation, text east will back to East will be handled in a country but it is a relatively stable environment. The most important is, can make originally belong to their son back again. Twenty-four gang is more and more arrogant, provoked complaints from Mafia, in 24 gang menstruation Blame is also more and more.

On 24 for the expansion of the bell, no tube, feel him watching, also in and so on, such as the gang The bosses of regret decisions made by themselves, such as more door phone eldest brother to his heartfelt O. Text east will be at leisure, wait 24 to help in the northeast of bouncing up and down, bell, but I did not feel at a loose end, This half a month, he has been in the remote north hong door to combat systems, feel, not on his desk Northeast map, but north hong door the forces of the map. No paper will east or north hong door, all will be appear any mistakes, just like his hand Missing from his right arm, which are not. This day morning, the bell in the office just to feel the east heart thunder play phone, came in third, First looked at the table to visit has been disorganized sketch map, whispered. Chinese wholesale video systems, feel. all help eldest brother eldest brother, happy to see you. Bell feel also don't lift.

I'm busy now, have no time. Three eyes with a sigh and said. That I go to send them, by the way, there is a call Wang Jianguo Who wants to see you, I also put off! Good! Bell feel freely should know. Three eye just want out of the room, bell feel suddenly remind of what, looked up and said. Wait a minute! Zhang elder brother, who just said you want to see me? All help eldest brother Chen hai was old blue deluge, happy bidding, there is a man called Wang Jianguo. Said the three eyes stared. Wang Jianguo? Bell feel smiled, think that door bells.

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