Dragon Youth Door Outlet For Bell

Door phone his brothers came to pick up. Ken, what do you mean? < a sound coming from the outside question and then, walked into a group of people, take the lead in a young, less than 30, burly, looks ferocious, a see will know that is not a good provoke role. The doorbells smell speech zheng, stolid turned around and see people. After he see on his back and smile, the way. I thought is who, is high brother! The old don! Dragon youth a curl of corners of the mouth, said. F after nightclub has long YunTang took over by us, you are looking for a son, please go to other places to find! Ha ha! Doorbells, laughed. The siping good a son so few, you grab the first, that's not let's drink northwest wind? Hum! Fierce young sneer at a way. Everything that I can't tube, there is a first! Doorbells, face smile said. If we jinrui do you want me to have you here? Fierce young ha ha laugh, before.

Want to start work? Ok, come on, we have long YunTang haven't afraid of who! Doorbells at ordinary times have been used to arrogance, which had been so offended. He YinXiao nodded, LengRan, between the waist sword drawn, surprise, in the fierce youth stomach mercilessly stab the past bad youth didn't begin, begin, he said, after all, everyone is 24 help alliance, the alliance. Thanks to his reaction is door bells fast enough, before slice knife to stab the waistline is wide. A sound, knife brush through his left waist, joint, on his waist to draw the blood cut two inches long. Oh dear! Dragon youth pain call a sound, backhand draw rib steel knife, doorbells head hacked in the past. He did the two people below which do watch brother, have flashed guy, melee in one place. Both gang under the dead hand, moment thousands of people fighting knife to the ground, covered in blood.

Nightclub middle-aged owner and waiters scare face big change, from far away, and guests, ladies and scatter frightened, blink, nightclub in the trip, cry bitterly, disorderly became a ball. Nightclubs, only the bell feel this table did not move. Bell feel tight grip in the palm of the glass, a surly scary. Li3 shuang3 and high strength is irritated, sink a track. Long YunTang and jinrui is too much help. Sat on a side of the girl asked curiously. You know them? Of course! Li3 shuang3 clap breast, way. Although they are now on the surface of the power and prestige eight, if I play, they are too far away for me. Li3 shuang3 looked up eye bell feel, see who didn't listen to yourself, across the street scratches his hair, hey hey, quick. Psychology it is good to see you, needless to say come out! Bell, feel suddenly asked. Don't you doorphone.


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