High Table Video Door Entry

The audience also broke out in this moment at the same time. Eternal appendage, soul summons. For a dazzling ring halo filled my soul. Standing in front of video entry college team feel seven as a deal direct children at the same time off his coat to reveal a fat. Soon, they use their body changes will tell the audience why they coat. Incomparably magnificent body, already in eternal possessed HeSheng blasting swell again, some loose fat unexpectedly rapid grain, the muscles become exaggerated and terror, a dark yellow layer of cuticle on the skin surface, shimmering metallic luster. What is more to their unethical human, extend their nose at the same time, the longer, at the same time, the upper lip flip up, two tusks grow an inch. Seven people at the same time raised his right foot. Heavily stamp on the ring again, in a huge explosion, not only to attract the audience's attention. Also let everyone worried about at the same time, this game can afford them so wild power.

Seven people, all of them are in the middle of the three two Huang Liangzi four soul ring, four is next to the two yellow a purple three ring. Gentleman's hall of fame From rival appearance video phone found that feel it like a disciple, seems to be a body, the greater the power is stronger. From appearance can tell every one of us the strength of the strength. High table, bishop of platinum salas mountain, look to the side of the meat Human nodded to him. Sink a voice said. but I like the armor of the best young generation disciple, also is our grandson. Natural endowment is better than I was even in a few minutes. I am count on him will become in the future as a first titles of bucket. Human didn't disguise his voice, salas heard, not only in the first row snowy day emperor, nine wind-induced and hotel also be heard by nature. Hakodate emperor smiled and said. Human patriarch has so, sun is really worth celebrating! Human ha ha a smile, acoustic shock high table, his majesty the troubled, and watching the performance of the force. This year our goal as a deal is the finals of the top three. Hakodate emperor said calmly. However, if I didn't look wrong. This makes their opponents seem to have video door entry a sun over 40 grade five cases. Human paused, he didn't even intend to his disciples would lose Pope door, coupled with them like a disciple figure was none other than, nature also didn't pay attention to their opponents. At that moment, listen to the hakodate emperor, his gaze rested on video entry seven strange feel.

As hakodate emperor said. In addition to the evil eyes of standing in front of the white tiger bell feel intercom. In addition to Beijing spirit with vs. inducer is two three soul link. Four other people also are all four rings. Especially the video phone feel the black soul ring 4 is particularly striking. Human shock some surprise to see salas, only to find that Mr. Salas also was shocked to look on her face. The gentleman don starting On one game, video entry school grade three of the four above feel soul teacher had to his consternation, and this is a two grade 40 more unexpectedly, it soul. In other words, they are hidden in the first game of power. It is obvious that their strength judgment of the college it is still too poor. Hakodate emperor toward the side nine wind-induced said. Ming the patriarch. You and the video entry college feel very familiar with, you know not to know who is the dean of now? I'm really curious, who is able to teach such a brilliant disciple. Ming said charming smile. Your majesty, video entry feel dean called Flanders). Perhaps. You don't have heard of this name. But you must have heard of, had 20 years ago with eternal fusion door bell intercom.


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